Position & Latch


At first, most mom’s feel a tug when their baby sucks.

This can be a little uncomfortable, but you should NOT experience pain. The most common cause of sore nipples is a poor latch.

If your nipples are sore, do not wait to ask for help!  Many of our Breastfeeding Buddy Peer Volunteers experienced sore nipples during their own breastfeeding journey, and can help you achieve your pain-free breastfeeding goals. 

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One of our Breastfeeding Buddy Volunteers, breastfeeding in the laid-back position
"Breastfeeding is a learning process, and it may take longer than you expected. It is the most comforting and emotionally bonding experience you can have with your baby. Even at 6 months, if she gets really upset, holding her skin-to-skin and/or breastfeeding her will always soothe my daughter."

How to Tell if Your Baby is Latched Well

Some signs of a good latch may be:

  • The latch is comfortable and pain free.
  • Your baby’s chest and stomach rest against your body, so that baby’s head is straight, not turned to the side.
  • Your baby’s chin touches your breast.
  • Your baby’s mouth opens wide around your breast, not just the nipple.
  • Your baby’s lips turn out.
  • Your baby’s tongue cups under your breast.
  • You hear or see swallowing.
  • Your baby’s ears move slightly.

When your baby is finished nursing:

  • Your nipples should be their normal shape and they should not look pinched.
  • Your breasts may feel softer. 
  • Your baby appears to be relaxed and content.
  • Younger babies may fall asleep when they are done feeding. Younger babies often fall asleep at the breast, but when you take them away, they wake up again. If your baby does this, it is a sign that they were not yet finished.
  • Older babies may stay awake after a feeding (or not!) but can let you know they are done feeding by turning away or starting to play.
  • It is very normal for a young baby to appear satisfied and then cue to feed shortly afterward. Breastmilk digests quickly and you can not over-breastfeed an infant.

Breastfeeding Positions

You and your baby are unique.

There are many different breastfeeding positions, from the cross-cradle hold to the football hold.

As Breastfeeding Buddies, we understand how important it is for you to be comfortable while breastfeeding.

In the early weeks of learning to breastfeed, try out different positions to figure out what works best for you and your baby.

Read more about the different positions, and discover some helpful breastfeeding tips here:

Breastfeeding Positions