I’m Pregnant

Congratulations – being pregnant is a major and exciting life event!

We are here to help you meet your breastfeeding goals.

Research shows that learning about breastfeeding before your baby is born will positively effect your breastfeeding success.

The Me? Breastfeed Workshop was designed by breastfeeding moms using current evidence based information.  The workshop creates an opportunity to ask questions, understand breastfeeding basics and most importantly learn where to go for help and resources.

Expecting Parents are encouraged to bring a support person with them to the workshop.

To register for this free prenatal class click here.

Me Breastfeed Guide

This breastfeeding guide has information and answers questions you may have as an expectant parent or as a new parent. We encourage you to share this guide with all of the people who will be supporting you during your breastfeeding journey.

You may also wish to attend a breastfeeding workshop with a partner.  To learn more about the Me Breastfeed Workshop held in Waterloo Region click here.

A partner can be your best friend, a parent, or any person you rely on.

5 Breastfeeding Videos to watch while Pregnant